Henry Mintzberg


I have prepared this website in response to requests for information on my background and my activities. You can click to my articles, books, interviews, talks, and videos, as well as some personal interests (short stories, beaver sculptures). Also link to my e-pamphlet,  Rebalancing Society, and connect to several of the unusual programs that we have developed, also to my TWOG (tweet2blog @mintzberg141) .

I am currently completing a collection of my ideas on managing, organizing, and strategizing entitled Managing Scrambled Eggs: Farewell to leadership at the top. Please welcome managing on the ground.


HM-Affiliated Programs

  1. IMHL

    I participate in various of the five 11 day modules, in this program for health care managers from around the world, developing together while addressing major issues in the field.

  2. IMPM

    This is not an MBA — it's a Master’s degree for practicing managers learning together from their own experience. Modules take place in Lancaster, Montreal, Bangalore, Beijing, and Rio. I teach in the first two.

  3. Coaching Ourselves

    Peer coaching: Managers meet informally in small groups in their own workplace to develop themselves. I have authored a number of the almost 80 topics in the program.